Kindi Kids, Kindi Fun Delivery Scooter with Marsha Mello Doll


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Come inside Rainbow Kindi, a place where every day is about playing and making friends in a magical kindergarten that comes to life. Rainbow Kindi is full of fun, playful friends like the Kindi Kids Fun Delivery Scooter. Place one of the Kindi Kids on its seat, as they can hold on to my handle bars with their hands. Load up the delivery compartment on its back. It’s just the right spot to carry Shopkins. This delivery scooter is the ideal size for all the Kindi Kids friends, so that they can ride around Rainbow Kindi to deliver the Shopkins to each other.

  • Keep its smoothie in the cup holder, and the strawberry in the scooter’s delivery compartment
  • Comes with two exclusive Shopkins

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