L.O.L. Surprise! Teal Pearl Surprise


  • Quickly open the Surprise Pearl Ball, 9 ” in diameter, to discover all the surprises hidden inside.
  • Great, there are tons of accessories for LOL Surprise dolls inside the little balls. There is also a beautiful shell. but what is hidden inside?
  • Immerse it in water to discover new surprises … Waaaah, an exclusive LOL doll and an exclusive little sister !.
  • Delivery content: 1 half surprise pearl ball + 6 small balls + 1 shell + 1 exclusive Lol doll + 1 exclusive little sister.

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Quickly open the LOL Surprise half ball Pearl Surprise with a diameter of 23 cm to discover all the surprises that are hidden inside! Great, there are many accessories for LOL Surprise dolls inside the balls.

There is also a beautiful shell! But what does it cover inside? Dip it in the water to discover new surprises… Waaaah, a LOL Surprise doll exclusive and an exclusive little sister!.

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