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Poopsie Slime Surprise! Pooey Puitton with 35 Surprises



Make magical unicorn poop (slime) with Poopsie Slime Surprise! With a little bit of unicorn magic and glitter, you can customize the unicorn poop and transform it multiple times!

Poopsie Slime Surprise!

The Pooey Puitton bag is the ultimate super slime surprise with over 35 magical surprises! Magically create scented unicorn poop slime in a rainbow of colors! With a bit of unicorn magic, glitter, and crunch, you can customize your unicorn poop over and over again! When you have to go, store the slime in the airtight storage to keep the unicorn poop fresh.

It includes:

  • 1 pocket of Pooey Puitton.
  • 12 Packets of Unicorn Food (Slime Powder) – Just add water to make a rainbow of poop!
  • 6 Unicorn Magic Packs, 4 Unicorn Sparkle Packs, 2 Unicorn Crunch Packs, 4 Mystery Scents and 1 Spoon.
  • 1 exclusive bottle and 1 exclusive poop character keychain.
  • Instruction booklet and tons of storage to take your poop on the go!
Weight 5 lbs


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