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CADBURY CARAMELLO Milk Chocolate and Caramel Candy Bar (1.6 oz.)


UPC: 034000026418

CADBURY CARAMELLO Milk Chocolate and Caramel Candy Bar (1.6 oz.)

CADBURY CARAMELLO caramel candy bars are made with rich and creamy milk chocolate filled with deliciously smooth caramel.
This bar is great for keeping in your kitchen pantry or desk drawer for easy access throughout the day. Whether you indulge in this delicious milk chocolate candy alone or share it with co-workers, friends, and family members, it’s sure to live up to your dessert expectations from the first bite.
Share and savor each taste of sweet and creamy caramel chocolate goodness chilled in the fridge, added to baked goods, paired with popcorn at movie night, or taken straight from the wrapper for a treat like no other. Throw a few sections on top of your best brownies, cookies, or ice cream sundaes for an extra decadent dessert those around you will love after lunch or dinner. Looking for a way to celebrate special occasions? CADBURY CARAMELLO treats make the perfect Valentine’s Day, Easter, holiday, birthday celebration, kids party, snack, and Halloween candy bars in addition to their suitability as everyday treats. Have a bite for yourself and you’ll understand why.
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